Produced from luxurious raw butter (Isigny Ste Mere) from cows on luscious, green pastures, this ghee is of premium quality and produces a lovely rich aroma when cooking. It gives a real depth of flavour in food. Ghee is a good fat which, when used, can be heated to high temperatures without the worry of it burning or turning bitter.


190ml jar: £5.49
500ml jar: £12.99


“It (ghee) smells amazing. I couldn’t believe it was ghee, I thought I had taken solid honey” -London member, December 2018

“I have to say the ghee is delicious. It’s been the best out of all the ghee I have tasted. Reminds of the pure raw ghee from back home.”   -London member, January 2019

“Just tasted my ghee…it’s ? -London member, January 2019

“…the raw ghee was absolutely superb!! Wonderful aroma – I’m using it for everything including on bread as a butter substitute.” –Birmingham member, January 2019

“Just had my ghee today as well. It’s lovely and smells yum.” -London member, January 2019

“…the eggs are great -the yolk is so orange and can’t get enough of the ghee.” -Birmingham member, February 2019