These eggs are unusually on the larger side, meaning your money is well spent. You’ll notice your sunny side up eggs will have a thicker and velvety texture, tantalising your taste buds! Unlike your usual shop bought free-range eggs, the yolks are noticeably larger and more yellow in colour. They have a good shelf life, but as with all eggs, they should be kept refrigerated, particularly in the summer.

Our members love these eggs, which have been described as the best they’ve ever tasted, even compared to certified organic eggs!

6 eggs, boxed: £1.65


“Have you tasted the eggs? They are best best eggs I’ve ever eaten in my life (and my friend used to keep her chickens organically in her back garden). I need those every week!” -Birmingham member, January 2019

“…the eggs are great -the yolk is so orange and can’t get enough of the ghee.” -Birmingham member, February 2019


By UK law, only 1 meter square of land for every 9 hens is sufficient for those hens to be called ‘free-range’. They can still be vaccinated and fed GM (genetically modified) corn

Also modern methods of egg production that include: heated housing, being fed and watered inside and artificial lighting to make the hens lay more are also legally considered to be ‘free range’.

Simon’s eggs are traditionally free range. They forage on 5 acres of clean naturally fertilised land, are not routinely vaccinated* and are only fed a handful of non-GM corn every day so they return to the coop. Simon has a completely natural and biodynamic ethos.

*Organic certification cites that animals must be given antibiotics if they become ill.

Read more about the organic ethos of the farm here.

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