Welcome to the Organic Meat Groups initiatives we are running in collaboration with Abraham Organics. The aim is to help provide high quality and high welfare ethical meat to our communities nationwide.
You have been added to this notification only group for now for the initial introduction and will then be invited to join a smaller WhatsApp group depending on which host you are paired with.

If you have any questions then please PRIVATE message me and I will get back to you ASAP

Who are Abrahams?
Abraham’s are an organic meat supplier who have partnered up with local organic certified farms across Wales, Devon and Kent. They are involved in every stage of the process, from how the animals are reared to how they are slaughtered. Their passion is to preserve organic and ethical farming traditions and help our communities access high quality organic meat at fair prices

Is the meat HMC certified?
Abraham’s have stated that HMC only certifies the method of slaughter, ie that it is unstunned. Abraham’s certify how every animal lives and dies. Due to stunning being a necessary requirement for organic certification then no, organic meat products cannot be HMC certified.

However, Abraham’s Beef and Aqiqah Lamb service is sourced from HMC certified slaughterhouses.

Abraham’s will collaborate with the scheme in the not so distant future to offer HMC free-range lamb hampers inshaAllah

Is the meat stunned?
So to follow on from the previous question then the answer is yes. For meat to pass UK legislations and organic certification, it has to be stunned by law. Abrahams have assured us that again they are involved at every stage and the welfare and concern of the animal is of the highest priority. The animals are checked before and after the stun has been applied to ensure signs of life, then the lowest possible level of stunning is used prior to the slaughter.

Who does the slaughtering?
The organic and free range chickens are hand slaughtered every Wednesday morning on rota at Otter Valley Poultry by brother Muhsen. Brother Muhsen is one of the partners at Abrahams and also owns Harmony Farm in Wales. The chicken is then delivered fresh by Thursday morning and is fresh for 6 days

Organic Lamb and HMC Aqiqah Lambs are slaughtered at Euro Quality Lambs. An organic certified FSA regulated Muslim owned halal slaughter house.

Beef is HMC certified and comes in via Dunleavy meats in the West Country of Ireland.

Are the animals fed GM feed?
No. In the case of Organic certified animals, it isnt allowed to feed them any source of GM ingredients. However, out of transparency, Abraham’s state that the traditionally reared free range chicken at Otter Valley Poultry may have up to 10% GM in their feed.

Why has the Community Initiative Partnered up with Abrahams?
As the scheme has evolved over the years, so has the choice available for our customers. Abraham’s are very much in line with the scheme ethos of wanting to make organic, ethical, raw, wholesome and specialty foods accessible and available to our communities nationwide.

How will the Meat Groups work?
Each group will be assigned a host, who has put themselves forward to receive the orders. At this stage there is no minimum number of group members but we will assess the maximum number during this trial period and see what works best. Please note that new groups can only be activated once there are a minimum of 4 registered members available in the group.

Minimum Order Values
Each groups’ orders must reach a combined value of £100 before any discount can be applied.

Group Benefits
Free delivery for all group members regardless of order value. 

For group orders of £500 or more, the host will benefit from a 10 % discount and each group member will benefit from a 5% discount. Please note all Abrahams sales and clearance items are exempt from a double discount being applied. 

For group orders of £250 or more the host will benefit from a 5% discount, but group members will not receive any discount and will only benefit from the free delivery.  All discounts on sale and clearance items are applicable 

Orders less than £250 will still be delivered free of charge but no discounts will be available for any of the group members. In this instance we may offer the group an option to combine their order with another local group so that the members can access some discounts.  In this case the host with the larger order value will take the delivery in addition to the host discount . 

Groups will be able to achieve performance related benefits depending on their order values. This process will be updated in due course.

What happens if a group doesn’t reach the minimum order value?
If a group is struggling to reach a combined order value we may combine your group orders with another nearby group. This will be addressed by our team accordingly if and when needed.

For now we have chosen two groups that you can order to, which will allow you to access the 5% discount at all times.

East London group CI – 2 (E11 4ER)
Ilford & Essex group CI – 1 (IG1 4UR)

Any group members can order to either of these addresses for any delivery slot and still get the 5% discount on their order.

Delivery and Packaging
The delivery charge of £8.95 is waived for everyone ordering as part of a group and will be sent via the APC nationwide couriers network. Orders will be packed and labelled individually using icepacks and other suitable packaging.

What happens if I am too far from a group?
If you are unable to order as part of the group but would still like to benefit from the group discount and offers then please contact one of the team directly to discuss this further. You will still be required to register for the initiative and join a group. A delivery charge and minimum order value of £50 will still apply.

Frequency of orders
Abrahams will now organise fortnightly delivery slots for all our groups (London and nationwide) so that customers have the option of selecting delivery dates that are more convenient. Orders can also be placed in advance allowing customers to plan budgets/freezer space more efficiently.

Main Scheme Co-ordinator