The Community Scheme is very excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with Good N Raw.

Founded by the Qualified and Experienced Nutritionist, Umm Faruq, who has developed a range of Herbal Infusions to ease a variety of ailments and support overall health and well-being.

Unlike anything you would find in any high street health store, they are uniquely put together using potent and specialised herbs.

These special infusions will be exclusively available on the scheme.

PLEASE NOTE: As each order is freshly made, there is a 7-10 day delay in delivery.

Herbal infusions are the most basic of all natural healing mediums. They are easily absorbed by the body as hot liquid, are the least concentrated of all herbal forms, and many herbs are optimally effective when steeped or simmered in boiling water. The hot brewing water releases herbal potency and provides a flushing action that is ideal for removing toxic wastes that have been loosened and dissolved by the herbs. Although teas have a milder and more subtle effect than capsules or extracts, they are sometimes the only way for a weakened system to accept therapeutic support, and often work synergistically with stronger medical forms to boost their value.

​Good & Raw herbal infusions are sold as teabags for convenience – no measuring or straining necessary! 10 bags per pack

Brain tonic

Ingredients: Tulsi, Mint, Siberian Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Rosemary, Cardamom, Cinnamon.

This brain tonic infusion will lift your spirits, increase energy and immunity, and keep you motivated to make it through the day. It will help to increase your stamina when you feel tired and sluggish. Tulsi supports memory and focus, and also aids in stress management and digestion.

Anti-viral Infusion

Ingredients: Elderberries, Ginger, Mint, Tulsi, Anise, Orange zest, Yarrow, Liquorice.

Wonderfully antibacterial and antiviral, this herbal infusion blend will help mediate a debilitating infection. With today’s increasingly full schedules it is easy to get run-down. Drinking this infusion right away when feeling under the weather helps the body resist infections during the cold and flu season.

Warming Immune Boost 

Ingredients: Elderberries, Rosehips, Cinnamon, Ginger.

This fruity and warming immune booster infusion is rich in vitamin C.

Wellness Infusion 

Ingredients: Elderflower, Ginger, Mint, Yarrow, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Liquorice.

Stopping a cold in its tracks! Make sure you have this infusion on hand so the minute you feel under the weather you can steep yourself a potent cup. This is a strong, spicy blend.

Rejuvenator Tonic 

Ingredients: Tulsi, Mint, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Rose petals, Gotu kola.

Stress and fatigue can cause lightheadedness, forgetfulness and foggy thinking. Tulsi brings strength and balance to the nervous system, helping to restore mental function during and after periods of stress. Gotu kola promotes mental clarity, blended with rose, cinnamon and cardamom for a delicious and well-rounded infusion.

Gut Health Infusion

Ingredients: Calendula, Chamomile, Fennel, Mint, Ginger, Liquorice.

This infusion gives your stomach what it needs to promote healthy digestive processes.