We are pleased to announce that we will be adding a delicious raw cheese to our delivery scheme this week.

Sourced from Homewood Cheeses, a small family run farm in beautiful Bristol with an organic and natural ethos and made from unpasteurised Ewes milk from Grassfed Ewes and using vegetarian rennet.

Ewes milk is very similar to Goats milk and also largely contains the A2 protein.

Homewood cheeses have consistently won taste awards and medals at the annual British Cheese awards and from having personally sampled the goods, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

They offer many varieties of cheeses, such as feta, halloumi, ricotta and also a harder cheese but for the sake of ease, we shall sample one each week before adding it to the scheme.

This week we will start with either a 150g or 250g pot of the fresh Ewes cheese. It is a silver medal winner at the BCA in 2015!a

It is a simple strained curd cheese which can be used for a wide range of culinary purposes as well as a cheese in its own right.

Prices as follows

150g – £2.65
250g – £3.99

Order form to follow. Deadline for orders Wednesdays 9pm.