Insight into why Dreamer’s Farm dairy is uncertified organic

Organic certification is very rigid and bureaucratic.

Farmers have to pay quite a lot to become organic certified and when they do, many feel they lose a lot of freedom to make their own decisions in regards to the running of the farm.

Frequent intrusion and rigorous scrutiny of every process and procedure that occurs on the land

With organic certification comes rigorous protocols that have to be adhered to. For example, if a cow becomes sick, protocol suggests that the farmer must administer antibiotics even in the case where the illness is mild and easily treatable with plants & herbs. Antibiotics not only upset the internal flora in the cows rumen but, as we know, also filters down to the milk, upsetting the probiotic nature of it and this is just one example of the limitations being organic certified brings with it.

From having personally visited Simon’s farm, he and his family are passionate in their organic and free-range ethos. No pesticides, hormone or drugs are used. Their farming method is not only biodynamic but passionately natural as well as traditional. The fields are still fertilised with manure and dung.

If cows become sick, they are allowed to recuperate in their own field and are fed specific herbs beneficial to their health and  healing.

Sadly the farming industry has become very tough on farmers. When we met Simon in 2011, he was on the brink of selling his land – a beautiful 5 acres of it.

Many farmers had been close to, if not had been driven to suicide because of how harsh the government and FSA were coming down on them and squeezing them for every last penny making it almost impossible for them to carry on if they didn’t start selling their milk for pennies to the big dairy corps.

-Aisha, Scheme Co-ordinator