Keith Goverd an ‘almost’ 70 year old gentleman from Somerset has dedicated his life to sharing his love of horticulture and more specifically, the unassuming Apple.

After graduating with a degree in Horticulture, Keith worked for the Government Ministry putting his knowledge to good use. After leaving his post he decided to help set up apple orchards in and around Somerset. His expertise at cultivating and more importantly identifying the many varieties of apples, perhaps 100s in Britain alone, set him apart from many.

Combining his knowledge with his passion, he decided to travel around Somerset, Dorset, Gloucester, Hereford, Devon and Cornwall, teaching people how to grow and preserve the many different varieties of apple trees. He helped many families set up beautiful orchards, sharing his knowledge to ensure we don’t lose many British varieties of apples.

He has dedicated his life to his passion of teaching others and helping to preserve as much of the beautiful landscapes of Britain that he can. His expertise in identifying Apple varieties along with the skills he picked up during his career made him a prime candidate to bring to us, the delicious pressed cloudy juices that we get on the van.

So much of our food is imported these days and we truly forget how wonderful some of our home grown seasonal produce actually is, that we can get right here on our doorstep (quite literally).

We are blessed with so many varieties of apples in Britain, hundreds in fact. Can you imagine this? It’s truly delightful. We are all so used to the few varieties we see in supermarkets that it’s hard to imagine anything different.

Keith recently lost his beloved wife and is also currently in remission from Cancer but he still continues his work.

We hope that he is able to keep producing these lovely apple juices for many years to come and that the orchards keep giving and giving.

We will endeavour to introduce more varieties of juice to you in time