Anyone who would like to join our scheme must fill in the registration form, found here: www.rawdairy.co.uk/register

Only by becoming a member will you receive the full address and contact details of your local collection point as well as gain access to our ordering links.

Anyone who orders with us must be on one of our WhatsApp notification groups.

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The farmer delivers three times a week to our communities in London, High Wycombe, Slough and Birmingham (nearby towns) as follows:

Areas covered on Sunday deliveries:

Maida Vale, Dagenham, Romford, Ilford, Chigwell, Clayhall, Walthamstow, Leyton, Leytonstone, Stratford, Forest Gate, Plaistow, Manor Park, East Ham, Beckton, Poplar, Bow, Whitechapel, Bermondsey, Greenwich, Bromley, Norbury, New Malden and Kingston Vale.

Areas covered on Tuesday deliveries:

Selly Oak, Newtown, King’s Heath, Handsworth, Handsworth Wood, Small Heath, Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Tyseley, Sheldon, Stechford, Hodge Hill, Ward End, Smethwick, Sutton Coldfield

Areas covered on Wednesday deliveries:

High Wycombe, Slough, North Harrow, Wembley, Neasden, Harlesden, Cricklewood, Shoot Up Hill, Fulham, Camden, Kentish Town, Southgate, Tottenham, Leyton, Hackney, Stratford, East Ham, Maida Vale, Hayes, Hounslow, Hanworth and Stanwell

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Orders are delivered weekly to each collection point. To make an order, fill out the order form that covers your local area. Orders must be completed by the given deadlines.


Sundays deliveries: Fridays 6pm
Tuesday deliveries: Sundays 6pm
Wednesday deliveries: Mondays 6pm


For all deliveries: Wednesdays 9pm, for delivery in the following week.

Extras orders received after Wednesday night are processed for delivery the week after.

After submitting the form, you will be redirected to Paypal to make your payment. You will then need to either sign into your Paypal account or fill in your card payment details.

You will then receive 2 emails: the first from Wufoo with a copy of your orders; the second from Paypal with confirmation of your payment. If you haven’t received either emails, you will need to send your order in again. If you’ve not received your Paypal email, you will need to sign into your Paypal account and send payment to us through this email: rawdairy@yahoo.co.uk. Alternatively you can click here to input your total (found on your Wufoo email) and sign into Paypal.

1-2 days before delivery, a raw milk administrator will send the full list of orders on the WhatsApp groups for everyone to check that their order is correct. Everyone must check their own order. We are not liable for any mistakes in deliveries if orders aren’t checked and any errors flagged to admin. The order lists do not show the door numbers of collection points. 

Any errors must be mentioned to the administrator immediately so that it may be corrected. Any orders that have been marked as unpaid must be paid immediately. Anyone who continuously fails to send payment for their order will be removed from the service.

The delivery route with full address of the collection points (including door numbers) is also posted on the groups the same day as the order list and again any mistakes need to be reported to the raw milk admin on WhatsApp.


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We are a not-for-profit service, but have an additional PayPal fee of 49p added to each dairy order so that we may cover the running costs that the scheme entails. Without this fee, continuing to run the service long-term will not be possible. Any surplus funds are sent to various charity projects bi-annually.

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Please click on the following and type in your total, you will also need to sign into your Paypal account: Paypal.me/rawdairy 

Your total for your order can be found in your Wufoo confirmation email. If you don’t have this email, you have either typed in your email address incorrectly or your order was not accepted. Please try sending in your order again.

When the order lists are sent on the Whatsapp groups after the deadline, please ensure you check your order to see if it’s correct and fully paid for. Any errors must be reported to admin.

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Please PM admin to see if a late order can be added. Admin reserve the right to refuse very late orders.

Please note: reminders are regularly sent on the WhatsApp groups to avoid late orders as they can cause a lot of inconvenience for our admin, the farmer and driver.

The order forms are available 5-6 days a week and orders can be sent within this broad timeframe.
Sunday deliveries: Sundays – Thursdays 9pm
Tuesday deliveries: Tuesdays – Sundays 9pm
Wednesday deliveries: Wednesdays – Mondays 1pm.

The forms are automatically deactivated after the deadlines.

Ordering and payment will only take approximately 1 minute to complete, so please fill out your orders as soon as reminders are sent. Please be responsible for making your own orders and set a weekly reminder on your phone to prompt you to order. Many apps are available for this on Android phones and iPhones.

Reminder: this is a not-for-profit community scheme. Any income generated goes to pay costs associated with running the scheme. It’s run by a small team of mums who devote a lot of their spare time behind the scenes to ensure the ordering, payment and delivery processes run smoothly, not to mention the effort and time needed to moderate 7 WhatsApp groups and maintain this website.

Every late order can up to an extra 5 minutes of time towards organising orders so we request that all members respect the deadline times that admin have set.

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If you think this is incorrect as your payment was sent, please send admin a screenshot of your payment, with the time and date clearly shown.

If you didn’t receive a confirmation email from Paypal, your payment didn’t go through. If the order form is still open, please resend your order, ensuring that the payment process is complete. If the order form is close, you will need to send payment to us by clicking here and typing in your total (found in your Wufoo email): Paypal.me/rawdairy [must be signed into a PayPal account]

A screenshot MUST be send to admin to confirm your payment was sent, otherwise your payment may not be included in the delivery.

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The route file, which is shared on WhatsApp in the days after each deadline, shows the full address of each collection point. The file also shows the order that each delivery will be made, from first to last. Note: route may change at the driver’s discretion.

Once delivery has been made, collection points usually update the group. Click here to view basic timelines for your delivery day:

East London (Sundays)
West London (Wednesdays)

Birmingham (Tuesdays): Deliveries here begin at around 11pm Monday night and finishes at 6am Tuesday morning.

You may obtain contact details for your collection point from any admin member and for ease you are welcome to liaise directly with your chosen point.

We advise everyone to collect their goods promptly on delivery days, especially in areas with high foot traffic. If you need to arrange a later collection time, organise this directly with your collection point and request for your order to be brought inside for safekeeping (they should not be compelled to keep your order in their refrigerator if this is not possible) . Orders that are left outside are left at the owner’s own risk.

∗ We ask that you adhere to your delivery points individual stipulations. These families have kindly put themselves forward to benefit the smooth running of the scheme so it is only right that they are not inconvenienced with goods left uncollected or collection timings not adhered to. It is also not right that you should be chased to collect your goods.


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When items are delivered to each collection point, the farmer’s team take pictures of each and every delivery to aid us in dealing with any discrepancies that may come up.

If the shortfall is from the delivery team, then the farmer is liable and the cost of items can be refunded or credit can be carried over. However, customers must notify us of missing items within 12 hours of delivery.

If the correct number of items are delivered but items subsequently get stolen by passersby, then nothing can be done by us. The scheme is not liable and this is sadly a loss to you.

If another member mistakenly takes your goods then usually our team intervenes to try and help resolve the matter

As a team we try our best to update all groups when delivery at each point has been confirmed to us and then it is upon you to either promptly collect your goods or liaise with your point as to a suitable time for collection (if they have been able to bring them inside). The longer your goods remain outside the address then it’s at your own risk and it increases probability of theft. The points are under no obligation to take goods in and refrigerate

We understand that stolen or missing goods cause disappointment and frustration but it is a not-for-profit initiative the scheme is not in a position to be held liable for every missing item.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter

The Raw Milk Team.

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Please contact admin if you are interested in ordering with us but do not have a collection point nearby. Admin, along with Simon (farmer) and Grahame (driver) will decide if your address is possible to include.

Factors we will consider:

  • If there is significant interest for your area that isn’t already covered locally. Minimum requirement for new points is 10L weekly.
  • If it is within one of the driver’s current routes.

Final decision to add new collection points will always be Simon’s (farmer).

There are certain conditions that need to be met in order to take on a collection point role:

  • You need to be added to the Raw Milk WhatsApp groups.
  • To allow others to have their milk sent to your address.
  • To allow your contact details (or another family member’s) to be given to those who order to your address.
  • To inform the group ASAP once the milk has arrived at your address.
  • To count the orders on the delivery day and contact the allocated administrator immediately if there are any missing or extra items that have been delivered.
  • To liaise with those people who ordered to your address in collecting their milk.
  • To be able (but not necessary) to take the milk in and store in your fridge if some people cannot collect on time.
  • To protect the orders from being stolen as much as possible.
  • To inform the administrators if you are moving home or if you no longer want to be a collection point.
  • OPTIONAL: To check the order lists and route file and ensure the numbers tally up correctly. If they don’t, to inform admin immediately.

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We will only remove members from the group and from using this scheme if we have contacted you about an outstanding payment and we have either not received an explanation or the payment.

If payment is received after removal, membership will be reinstated. We monitor payments carefully and we will consider permanently removing anyone who continuously fails to pay on time.

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