A rich, thick and smooth textured milk with amazing flavour. Despite this being a dairy milk, its unique properties have meant that many people, locally and globally, suffering from lactose intolerance have consumed this milk without any undesired side effects. Of course if this is your first time trying raw milk we recommend drinking it in small amounts initially, as your digestive system may not be used to the extra probiotics.

Raw milk from Dreamer’s Farm is 100% Jersey milk. Jersey cows milk is known to be richer and creamier than milk from other cattle. Typically it has 17% more calcium and 20% more protein.

Jersey milk is also known to contain the A2 beta-casein protein, which is regarded to be more easily digested than A1 protein. Milk from goats and humans only contain the A2 beta-casein. The A1 protein is a mutation of the A2 protein and is the protein commonly found in most shop-bought milk. Please check this link for more benefits of the A2 protein.

Please read this excellent article about the difference between raw milk and pasteurised milk, including raw milk’s ability to kill off pathogens that enter it! Are you drinking living milk or dead milk?

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