Customer Question: Can Abrahams guarantee that the action of stunning before slaughter doesn’t kill the animal?

Response from Abrahams:

Dear Customer

we testify as practising Muslims who fear Allah that none of the animals we sell at Abrahams have ever died before slaughter be that due to a stun, captive bolt or mistreatment.

Also you must know that in slaughterhouses the local vet/inspector will also not allow a dead animal to be passed through to the stage of slaughter. Stunning a healthy animal does not kill it but renders it unconscious for the few seconds just before it is slaughtered.

We also testify that all organic and free range animals we slaughter are healthy and are not transported for long distances or subjected to mistreatment.

We would like to remind customers that there is no national halal standard in the UK that is enforceable by law. All other halal bodies like HFA and HMC are self regulated just like us at Abrahams. This is simply a case of ethics and trust. We always remain transparent even if it reduces our sales!

Our operation is very small compared to the halal meat industry so we can take greater care with how our animals live and die.

It is with this trust that we keep Abrahams going and insha’allah blessed.

Abed, Muhsen and the Abrahams Team