When items are delivered to each collection point, the farmer’s team take pictures of each and every delivery to aid us in dealing with any discrepancies that may come up.

If the shortfall is from the delivery team, then the farmer is liable and the cost of items can be refunded or credit can be carried over. However, customers must notify us of missing items within 12 hours of delivery.

If the correct number of items are delivered but items subsequently get stolen by passersby, then nothing can be done by us. The scheme is not liable and this is sadly a loss to you.

If another member mistakenly takes your goods then usually our team intervenes to try and help resolve the matter

As a team we try our best to update all groups when delivery at each point has been confirmed to us and then it is upon you to either promptly collect your goods or liaise with your point as to a suitable time for collection (if they have been able to bring them inside). The longer your goods remain outside the address then it’s at your own risk and it increases probability of theft. The points are under no obligation to take goods in and refrigerate

We understand that stolen or missing goods cause disappointment and frustration but it is a not-for-profit initiative the scheme is not in a position to be held liable for every missing item.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter

The Raw Milk Team.